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On June 6th 2024, we had the incredible honour of touring our D-Day coins across the beaches of Normandy, which staged one of the most carefully planned out and pivotal days of the Second World War, and where so many brave men and women gave their lives fighting for their country. Commemorating the invasion of Pegasus Bridge on June 6 th 1944,...
When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Sleigh bells, turkey, crackers, Christmas carols, chestnuts roasting, and of course chocolate! Everyone has fond memories of waking up on a Christmas morning to find a stocking stuffed full of brightly wrapped treats, from Celebrations to Quality Street, After Eights, and the venerable chocolate...
The SS City of Cairo hoard - recovery and restoration "Goodnight and sorry for sinking you" - Kapitain Karl-Friedrich Merten, U-68