British History

100 Remembrance Crown The 2019 Remembrance Crown
  • Selectedly coloured and struck to the highest, proof quality.
  • We commemorate the memory of the fallen who gave their lives for our freedom.
  • Featuring the poppy, a true emblem of commemoration and remembrance to the fallen soldiers of the First World War
  • The coin features the depiction of a lone soldier standing behind the prominent poppy.
£ 39.95
Wellington 250 Quarter Sovereign Wellington 250 Quarter Sovereign

·       In the 250th anniversary year of the birth of Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington new Quarter Sovereign has been struck to commemorate the life of this British hero.

·       Struck in pure 22-Carat Gold to the highest Proof quality

·       A celebration of the life of the Duke of Wellington, A true British icon that changed the nation.


£ 249
World War Two - Churchill Coin and Book Set World War Two - Churchill Coin and Book Set
  • Honour Sir Winston Churchill in the 80th year since WWII
  • Only 9,999 sets available worldwide!
  • Layered in pure gold and accented with rose gold
£ 29.95
A 1940s Weekend A 1940s Weekend

All the romance, fun and unforgettable music of a 1940s weekend captured in 24 classic recordings. 

£ 7.99
On The Air On The Air

Celebrating ten decades of broadcasting by way of the best-loved signature tunes.

£ 9.99