British History

Original King Edward I Silver Penny from the 1877 Montrave Hoard - 1279-1307 King Edward I Silver Penny from the 1877 Montrave Hoard
  • The coin comes safely encased in a slab which also displays its provenance and protects it from damage.
  • One of these coins would have been a day’s wage for a soldier.  The penny was worth a lot more then than it is now!
  • This is an amazing opportunity to own a coin from Britain's rich past.
£ 198
1066 3 Kings Sovereign Set The 1066 Year of The Three Kings Gold Sovereign Set
  • An exclusive set to commemorate the 950th anniversary of the year of the 3 Kings in 2016
  • Strictly limited edition of only 335 sets – 335 is the number of days between the reigns of the 3 Kings.
  • Struck to Proof Quality
  • 22 Carat Gold
  • Exclusive "Halley's Comet" privy mark
£ 1,995
The London Mint Office is proud to present a superb collection of original circulating coins, stamps and banknotes beautifully housed within a silver edged hardcover album.  Together, they help to illustrate the compelling story of World War I from the outbreak of hostilities in 1914 to the armistice signed in November 1918.
£ 189.99
Queen Victoria Veiled Head Maundy coins 1893-1901 Queen Victoria Veiled Head Maundy Coin Set
An exceptional and rare series in the history of British coinage Struck in Sterling Silver Genuine historic Maundy coins Maximum mintage is just 11,928 sets of this type.    
£ 495
175th Anniversary of the Penny Black Silver Coin The 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black Silver Coin
Philatelic history commemorated on a stunning silver coin. Minted to mark the 175th anniversary of the ‘Penny Black’- the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, this solid silver coin is layered in black ruthenium gold to achieve the appearance of an original Penny Black stamp. The design immortalises the Penny Black stamp from ‘Plate 11’ - the very rarest type of the world famous Penny Black.  
£ 99