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Animals - Miracles of Nature Set Miracles of Nature: Animals
  • Beautiful designs celebrating the stunning diversity of animal life across the planet
  • Featuring currency from 8 different geographic locations.
  • Hand-picked by experts, ensuring quality
  • Presented in a bespoke full colour folder to display and protect the coins
  • A perfect gift for the animal lover in your life
£ 99
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Collection Exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Collection
  • Official Marvel Merchandise
  • All 5 of your favourite Guardians immortalised in .999 Pure Silver
  • Minted in a top quality Ultra High Relief
  • Contains free GOTG2 gifts unavailable anywhere else
  • Exclusive to the London Mint Office
  • Strictly limited - Only 150 in the UK
  • ...I am Groot
£ 99
Hawker Hurricane Anniversary Medal Hawker Hurricane Anniversary Medal
  • Includes a genuine piece of a wartime Hawker Hurricane
  • Minted in solid bronze and layered in pure silver
  • Official RAF Association issue
  • Limited Edition - 2,015 worldwide - available exclusively from The London Mint Office
£ 99
The Morgan Dollar 5 Coin Mint Mark Set The Complete Morgan Dollar Mint Mark Set
Genuine originals in solid silver! A complete set of Morgan Dollars from each of the five striking mints  Includes the rare  Carson City Mint Morgan Dollar ‘CC’ mint mark  
£ 595
Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Set - Flown on the Day The Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Set - Flown on the Day
  • Their Finest Hour is the official Royal Air Force Association commemorative set marking the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain. 
  • Includes six stunning proof commemoratives - each with common obverse with the official RAF crest and the numerals ‘75’ to denote the number of years since the Battle of Britain itself. 
  • Includes the solid gold Spitfire Commemorative - flown in a wartime spitfire on the day of the 75th anniversary of The Battle of Britain.
  • This is truly a worthy commemoration of the Battle of Britain which pays tribute to the people and the machinery that played a pivotal role in Britain’s ultimate victory during World War 2.
£ 495
Somme Centenary Set with 1oz Gold Coin Somme Centenary Set with 1oz Gold Coin
First ever Gold and Silver coin set commemorating the centenary of the Battle of the Somme in 2016. Own a lasting legacy of The Battle of the Somme - together with a vial of genuine soil collected from the Somme battlefield.
£ 3,295