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World Silver

A stunning selection of some of the finest silver coins and commemoratives from the around the world. From historical silver coins of the Roman Empire to the latest silver proof commemoratives minted to mark the Somme Centenary, there is a silver coin from the London Mint Office to suit every taste and interest.

The Great War: 1914-18, A Collection of Six Silver Coins The Great War: Six Silver Coin Set
A set of six original silver coins from the time of the First World War have been brought together in a stunning set to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of The Great War 2014-2018.  Features original coins that were in circulation one hundred years ago - all graded very fine.  Don't miss this opportunity to own rare and historic silver coins and pay tribute to all those who gave their lives in pursuit of our freedom 100 years ago. 
£ 149
Double Headed Queens 90th Birthday Silver Coin Double Headed Queens 90th Birthday Silver Coin Always a winner with this coin.
  • Double headed coins are extremely rare.
  • 0.999 Pure Silver
  • Celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's 90th Birthday
£ 49.95
Deep Frozen Panda 2016 Deep Frozen Panda 2016 2016 China Frozen Panda Solid Silver Coin
  • Black Ruthenium and Platinum Finish
  • Struck with innovative crystal printing technology
  • Beautiful design and detail
£ 99
75 Years of Captain America Coin 75 Years of Captain America Coin Captain America's 75th Anniversary Shield Coin
★ The world's first ever shield-shaped Coin ★ Officially Licensed by MARVEL ★ 2 ounces of .999 fine Silver in a Proof finish ★ Trademark  Certificate of Authenticity is made from 2g of pure .999 silver ★ Each Certificate is individually numbered  ★ Measures a massive 50.8mm in diameter ★ Limited to just 7,500 worldwide
£ 297
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them One ounce silver coin Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them One ounce silver coin Official Licensed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Silver Coin
  • The high relief, smartminting coin looks just like the official MACUSA seal as featured in the new movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
  • 1oz of pure .999 silver and 38.6mm in diameter.
  • $5 legal tender value as authorized by the Issuing Authority of the Cook Islands.
  • Struck in Germany by B.H. Mayer Mint.
  • Mintage limited to only 5,000 coins worldwide.
With the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them just a few weeks ago combined with just 100 coins being available, don't hesitate as demand will be very high.
£ 219
USA Flowing Hair Silver Dollar The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar
An original 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar - the very first silver dollar and the largest silver denomination minted in the United States. The coins were produced for just two years from 1794 -1795 before being replaced by the Draped Bust portrait. The 1794 Silver Dollar is one of the most iconic coins in U.S. numismatics, and in fact in the history of money, consequently, America’s very first official dollars are extremely scarce and highly desirable. 
£ 15,995
Nero Tetradrachm Original Nero Silver Tetradrachm Coin - nearly 2,000 years old
  • Original Roman Silver Tetradrachm Coin
  • Genuine silver coin, nearly 2,000 years old
  • From the reign of Nero - one of the most notorious Emperors in Roman history
  • An extraordinary piece of genuine history from an ancient and enthralling world
  • Presented in a bespoke display box with Certificate of Authenticity free of charge
  • Very fine grade silver piece  
£ 225
US Heritage Silver Coin Collection The US Heritage Silver Coin Collection - a century of stunning coin designs
  • American history told through 12 iconic silver coins
  • Genuine American Silver Dollar and Half-Dollar coins presented together in one set
  • A century of stunning coin designs - some coins are over 100 years old and have been out of circulation for generations
  • Starts with the highly sought-after Kennedy 90& Silver Half-Dollar
  • Features some of the most desirable American coins of the 20th century including the beautiful Walking Liberty Half-Dollar, the historic Franklin Silver Half-Dollar and Benjamin Franklin Silver Half Dollar.
£ 19.95
Gairsoppa 75th Anniversary Silver Bar The SS Gairsoppa 75th Anniversary Shipwreck Silver Bar
  • Britain’s war-time silver bullion- recovered and reforged 75 years after it was lost
  • The heaviest and deepest precious-metal cargo ever retrieved from a shipwreck
  • Ten ounces of 99.9% pure WWII silver in each bar, recovered from a depth of 14,000 feet!
  • Your chance to own your share of Britain's lost WWII silver 
£ 595
Coins that built the Roman Empire Coins that built the Roman Empire
Eight hundred years of numismatic history brought together in one set
  • Set contains 2 Silver and 3 Bronze coins
  • Coins over 1600 years old from the 1st to the 4th century AD
  • Each coin is unique as they were hand-struck
  • Presented in a bespoke display box with certificate of authenticity 
  • Just 35 coin sets available
£ 350
The Morgan Dollar 5 Coin Mint Mark Set The Complete Morgan Dollar Mint Mark Set
Genuine originals in solid silver! A complete set of Morgan Dollars from each of the five striking mints  Includes the rare  Carson City Mint Morgan Dollar ‘CC’ mint mark  
£ 595
Declaration of Independence coin set Eight original coins documenting American history
  • Eight US coins and one two-dollar banknote
  • Elegantly framed with a copy of the US Declaration of Independence. 
  • Four Silver Coins
  • Includes the famous Kennedy Half-Dollar
£ 159
The 1921 Morgan & 1921 Peace Dollar Set  1921 High Relief Peace and 1921 Morgan Dollar
The last ever `Morgan' Dollar & the first ever High Relief `Peace' Dollar presented together in one set.  In 1921, two different designs of U.S. silver dollars were produced. It was the last year of the iconic Morgan Dollar - a coin of historical significance that came to symbolise the very spirit of America and the taming of the Wild West. 1921 also saw the first issue of the Peace Dollar representing a new chapter in American history The Morgan Dollar and the Peace Dollar, two of the most significant and coveted silver coins of the United States are now available together in one limited edition set.
£ 290
WWII Silver Coin Set WWII Silver Coin Set
Five beautiful silver coins from each of the Allied ‘super powers’. Commemorates the 70th anniversary of VE Day Minted in solid silver Limited edition, just 1,945 sets worldwide Available exclusively from The London Mint Office
£ 445