Britain's last circulating gold coin
The eagerly awaited first-strike Battle of Hastings Anniversary Medal.
This year saw the introduction of the brand new £1 coin, a change which was made to improve the security of the £1 coin which is now deemed as one of the world’s most secure coins.
The Old £10 note will soon cease to be legal tender and the only place you will be able to exchange them will be your local bank. Below is everything you need to know about the end of the old £10 note.
The London Mint Office prides itself on putting history into the hands of our customers, and that’s exactly what we did on Saturday 11th of August when our Heritage Ambassador Justin Robinson and Product Manager Rhian Pope made a very special presentation to Porthcawl Museum in South Wales.
The London Mint Office recently paid a visit to the annual American Numismatic World Fair of Money event in Philadelphia , USA- Here is a review of our visit from Matthew Preece, Heritage Product Manager for The London Mint Office
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