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Whether we are dropping them into collecting tins, filling up piggy banks or trying to win more of them in slot machines, copper coins have been an important part of British life for centuries. However, the British Treasury has hinted at the possibility of removing the one and two penny from circulation, and the idea has inevitably divided the...
For as long as coins have existed, artists have been required to design them. After all, a coin without a design is simply a blank piece of metal and therefore not a coin at all. The art of coin design is a demanding discipline that requires a high degree of technical accuracy and the ability to conceptualise a design in three dimensions. Not...
A large quantity of Roman coins was found by two metal detectorists in a woodland area of Derbyshire. Following an inquest at Chesterfield Coroner’s Court held on January 21 st 2019, the coins have been officially declared as treasure!
When I was boy, I remember being intrigued by the image of a man with an outrageous mane of long hair and a large book on his lap. He appeared on a banknote that a visiting aunt had presented me with, and before exchanging it for a large bag of sweets at the local corner shop I asked my mother about him.
The abdication of King Edward VIII in December 1936 is one of the most extraordinary stories in British regal history. Edward abdicated the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson – and was replaced as King by his brother, King George VI, previously Prince Albert, Duke of York. The abdication crisis had a curious affect on British...
An auction battle has taken place for a very lucky penny that saved the life of a soldier in WWI.
A hoard of Iron Age coins discovered on Jersey has been valued at up to £2.5 million, but it’s finders hope its actually worth a lot more
Copper coins have been issued a reprieve following a consultation by the Chancellor, ensuring they will be safe for “years to come” A consultation by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond could have seen an end to 1 and 2p coins in circulation, as part of an ongoing re-evalutation of how Britain uses its cash. Technically, the copper...
Alan Turing, who helped to crack German encrypted codes in World War II, ensured the survival of Western civilisation in the face of Nazi occupation. Now, he has been chosen by the Bank of England to be the new face of the £50 bank note.
In 1839, the gold Five Pounds depicted a remarkable interpretation of Una and the Lion by William Wyon on its reverse.