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When I was boy, I remember being intrigued by the image of a man with an outrageous mane of long hair and a large book on his lap. He appeared on a banknote that a visiting aunt had presented me with, and before exchanging it for a large bag of sweets at the local corner shop I asked my mother about him.
Julius Caesar, was a military general who used his military prowess and political skills to bring down the Roman Republic, and set the foundation for the establishment of the mighty Roman Empire. Having being extremely successful in military campaigns in Gaul, the Senate became worried about his power and ambition. In January 49BC, the Roman...
The Anonymous Soldier
Considered one of the greatest military leaders of world history, Alexander never lost a battle. When he inherited the throne of Macedonia at the tender age of 20, he controlled an area that was similar in size to modern day Greece. By the time of his death, a mere 13 years later, he ruled over virtually the known world. It was during his...
During the latter years of the eighteenth century, the thirteen original colonies of North America united, severing their political connections to Great Britain and famously declared their independence on 4 th July 1776. After the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), Britain acknowledged the independence of its former territories and, shortly...
50 years ago today, Britain bid farewell to shillings and florins and embraced a decimal currency, a system based on units of 10 or 100, with new coins such as the one and two pence entering circulation.
Apart from the monarch’s effigy, the design of all Maundy denominations has not altered since 1822 — the reverse features a numeral denoting its face value within a wreath. Maundy money still bears The Queens first portrait by Mary Gillick.