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This year saw the introduction of the brand new £1 coin, a change which was made to improve the security of the £1 coin which is now deemed as one of the world’s most secure coins.

Out with the old, in with the new:

With the new coin coming into circulation, the old £1 coins are being removed from circulation across the UK. However don’t start throwing them away yet because you could be sitting on a small fortune. It is time to empty those piggy banks and check for some of these old £1 coins.

Considered one of the rarest £1 coins the 2011 Edinburgh Castle design, with a mintage limit of just 935,000 this coin has reported to fetch up to £30 on sites such as EBay dependent on the coins condition.

The 2011 Cardiff City £1 coin had a higher mintage limit of 1,615,000. In good condition this coin has reported to go for around £25 on bidding sites such as EBay.

The London £1 coin with a mintage limit of 2,635,000 brings a slightly lower price on external bidding sites of around £20.

However with all of the old £1 coins being taken out of circulation could the value increase? Should you hang on to your old coins for a little longer?… Maybe so