Gold Coins & Medals

Showcasing some of the finest gold coins and commemoratives from the around the world including British Gold Sovereigns, Gold Guineas, The Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold Krugerrands. 

2018 Krugerrand Gold Fractional Set – 1 oz + 1/10 oz + 1/50 oz 2018 Krugerrand Gold Fractional Set – 1 oz + 1/10 oz + 1/50 oz
  • Struck in 22 Carat Gold
  • Featuring a Privy Mark to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War
£ 3,500
Queen Victoria 200th Anniversary Quarter Sovereign The Queen Victoria 200th Anniversary Gold Quarter Sovereign
  • A limited edition quarter sovereign issued in the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria featuring one of her most enduring coin portraits. 
  • Struck in 22-carat Gold
  • Commemorating one of the most powerful and influential monarchs in the world. 
£ 249
Armistice & Remembrance 100 Struck on the day five sovereign set The Armistice & Remembrance 100 Struck on the Day 5 Coin Sovereign Set
  • Struck on the centenary anniversary day by Simon Weston CBE
  • Struck in 22-carat Gold and to Proof quality
  • An everlasting act of Remembrance
  • Struck in the centenary year of Armistice
£ 7,495
Angel 2018 5 Coin Set The 2018 Five Coin Gold Angel Set

The Gold Angel is famous in all corners of the globe, amongst such amazing issues as the Sovereign, Maple Leaf and Krugerrand. Celebrated for its incredible success as one of the most prestigious gold coins in the world, the Gold Angel has been issued every year since its reintroduction in 1983. 

£ 5,995
D-DAY 75 Quarter Sovereign - Let's Go! The Official Merchant Navy Association D-Day 75 Quarter Sovereign

In September 1939, the world witnessed the outbreak of WWII. The total deaths incurred during the entire war made it the largest and bloodiest conflict in history. The technology advances made during this war made it the most destructive war in human history. This year we witness two poignant anniversaries, the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War and the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

£ 249
The D-Day 75 Fairmined Gold Coin The D-Day 75 Fairmined Gold Coin
  • Issued on 6th June 2019, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

  • Struck by Monnaie de Paris, the worlds oldest continuously running mint to the highest possible quality - Proof.

  • Struck in Fairmined Gold - Gold to be proud of.
£ 895
Falkland Conflict 4 Coin Sov Set Falkland Conflict Four Coin Sovereign Set

April 2nd 1982 the Falkland Islands became the setting for the last invasion of British territory. 100 Argentinian marines landed on the Island with objective to capture the capital –Port Stanley. They also had 2000 more on their way. For 2 centuries both Britain and Argentina had claimed the Islands - a long running territorial dispute had changed in to a major international crisis. Galtieri was confident that Britain would not attack, however, he had seriously underestimated Margaret Thatcher. She ordered a large task force to set sail towards the Falklands and to reclaim the Islands. The Falklands War had begun.

  • The ONLY Falklands Conflict Commemorative Sovereign Set ever issued
  • Limited edition
  • Exclusively available from The London Mint Office
  • Endorsed by Falklands Veteran Simon Weston 
£ 2,995
Battle of Britain 4 Sovereign Set   - the ¼, ½, full & double sovereigns  The Battle of Britain Four Coin Sovereign Set
  • Issued to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain - Minted in partnership with the Royal Airforces Association.
  • Comprises  the ¼, ½, full & double sovereigns sovereign,
  • Struck to Proof quality and in solid 22 carat gold.
  • Flown in a Wartime Spitfire on the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
  • Features the 75th Anniversary ‘Flown in the Spitfire’ Mint Mark which verifies these sovereigns flew over the skies of Britain on the Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary memorial flight
£ 2,495