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The London Mint Office has always proudly offered a wide variety of Ancient historical coins from various periods of history but now, for the first time, we have assembled some of our favourites in one place. We are happy to bring to you a huge variety of coins from the famous hoards (from only £8.99), rare Roman coins, and the sought after Nero Silver Tetradrachm, all fine additions to any collection.

Simply click the button to add your favourites coins to your basket, securing your coin and then go to your checkout to purchase. Act fast as many of these coins have very limited stock (some as low as 2 available), when they're gone they're gone!

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Judean Widow's Mite 135-37 B.C. - An Original coin from the Bible
  • The Prutah was struck by the Maccabee dynasty from 140-40BC.  They were in circulation for so many decades that most surviving examples are extremely worn. 
  • A coin that circulated throughout Judea 2,000 years ago
  • High-grade examples, such as the one offered to you today are rarely seen.  

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Tarentum Didrachm - The mythical son of the Greek sea god Poseidon
  • Depiction of a man riding a dolphin. The rider is believed to be Taras, the mythical son of the Greek sea god Poseidon
  • Taras’ principal coin was the silver Didrachm, and many different designs appeared on them
  • Taras, or Tarentum as it was later known by the Romans, was founded by colonists from Sparta in 706 BC and began producing coins from about 510 BC. The colony became the most important Greek city in southern Italy during the fifth and fourth centuries BC
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Magnentius Gloria Romanorum - Roman Coin
  • An original Magnentius, Gloria Romanorum Centenionalis Roman Coin
  • An extraordinary piece of genuine history from an ancient and enthralling world
  • Bears the portrait of Magnentius, a great usurper of Emperors
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Coin Collector's Starter Kit
  • Magnifying glass with handle featuring - 50 mm lens and 4x magnification 
  • A set of coin tweezers with a protective plastic coating
  • A pair of coin gloves made of 100% cotton -perfect for handling your coins.
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