Our history in your hands

The London Mint Office has always proudly offered a wide variety of Ancient historical coins from various periods of history but now, for the first time, we have assembled some of our favourites in one place. We are happy to bring to you a huge variety of coins from the famous hoards (from only £8.99), rare Roman coins, and the sought after Nero Silver Tetradrachm, all fine additions to any collection.

Simply click the button to add your favourites coins to your basket, securing your coin and then go to your checkout to purchase. Act fast as many of these coins have very limited stock (some as low as 2 available), when they're gone they're gone!

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Own a Coin from the Famous Seven Hills Hoard - Unique, hammer struck coin – No two coins the same
  • An original coin from the Famous Seven Hills Hoard Certified and Slabbed by the NGC
  • An extraordinary piece of genuine history from an ancient and enthralling world
  • Featuring a portrait of one of the most tyrannical of all Roman Emperors
£ 299 Add to Basket
Coin Collector's Starter Kit
  • Magnifying glass with handle featuring - 50 mm lens and 4x magnification 
  • A set of coin tweezers with a protective plastic coating
  • A pair of coin gloves made of 100% cotton -perfect for handling your coins.
£ 27.50 Add to Basket
An original Roman Sestertius Coin
  • An original Roman Sestertius Coin, around 2,000 years old
  • An extraordinary piece of genuine history, highly sought after by collectors
  • Due to large size, engravers enabled to produce detailed designs
£ 99.99
Genuine silver Securitas coin
  • Genuine silver Securitas coin, nearly 2,000 years old
  • An extraordinary piece of genuine history from an ancient and enthralling world
  • Authentic coins from the South Petherton Hoard
£ 13.99