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Our Heritage in Your Hands

A Fine selection of genuine ancient coins, available now

For many years, the London Mint Office has been proud to offer our discerning customers the opportunity to own the currency of ancient Britain.  Our coin experts have hand-selected a considerable collection of beautifully preserved and hard-to-find coins that provide a fascinating insight into the remarkable history and development of our nation. 

To hold an ancient coin in your hand is to feel a direct connection to the past.  It allows us to imagine the hands that have held the coin before ours, the goods and services that it was exchanged for, who struck it and why it has survived to the present day. 

Some of the coins in our collection were discovered in the most unusual circumstances.  For example, in May 1877 workmen repairing a drain in the grounds of Montrave House, Fife, Scotland suddenly found themselves showered in medieval pennies from a metal pot that they pulled out of the ground.  The Montrave Hoard was a hugely important discovery, and we have acquired a small number of these coins, which can be your to own today.

The London Mint Office have also been very fortunate in acquiring a strictly limited number of coins from the South Petherton Hoard and the Seven Hills Hoard.  We don’t know why these Roman coins were buried in the ground.  Were they intended as an offering to the ancient gods to protect the local community from harm?  Or were they buried for safekeeping in a time of war with the intention of retrieving them later when the danger had passed?  We may never know.  All we know is that their owners never retrieved them, and they remained hidden in the ground for nearly 2000 years until a chance discovery allowed them to see the light of day again. 

We want to share our passion for ancient coins with the customers we know will appreciate and value them.  So today we are offering you the chance to own coins that once circulated in ancient Britain with prices starting from as little as £8.99 each.  For little more than the price of a magazine, you could own a beautifully preserved ancient coin that helped to build Britain.   

From the Roman conquest through the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms and economic crises, coins have been a constant feature of British life.  This is your opportunity to own a unique piece of our ancient history, putting our heritage in your hands.

Take advantage of our limited introductory offer and reserve some extremely limited and rare selection of British and Roman Coinage from some of the most famous Hoards of Coins found.

  • Coins struck up to 2000 years ago
  • Every coin is unique, no two are the same
  • A selection Roman and British struck coinage
  • Authentic coins from the South Petherton Hoard, the Seven Hills Hoard and the Montrave Hoard
  • A cross-section of the currency of ancient Britain
  • Genuine Silver Roman Coins available
  • NGC Certified and Slabbed (where shown)  

Take advantage of this limited offer and reserve some extremely limited and rare selection of British and Roman Coinage from some of the most famous Hoards of Coins found.

Click here to view our exclusive range of ancient and medieval coinage. There are lots to see and probably not as expensive as customers often think! 

After following this link you will see a page containing many ancient coins currently on offer.  Simply add them to your basket to secure them and go to the checkout to purchase; for more information on each coin click the picture.  Please note that due to their age and scarcity these coins are supplied in very limited quantities.  When they're gone they're gone!