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Gold Sovereign

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the world’s most famous gold coin design, Saint George and the Dragon, which has appeared on many modern sovereigns, The London Mint Office Ltd has launched a classical masterpiece, reborn and redesigned by a family member of the original designer of the modern sovereign.

With only a few exceptions, many modern sovereigns struck since 1817 have featured a depiction of Saint George slaying the dragon. This now iconic design was first created by renowned Italian sculptor and engraver Benedetto Pistrucci (1783-1855) who was the Chief Medallist for The Royal Mint.

To commemorate 200 years of Benedetto’s design, The London Mint Office has commissioned his great, great, great grandniece, Angela Pistrucci, to recreate the image of this ancient story in a contemporary style. As an acclaimed artist herself, she has created a coin which expertly reflects the legacy of her ancestor’s seminal work whilst also drawing on early depictions of Saint George, recasting Benedetto’s Greek saint as a Roman soldier.

Commenting on the exclusive new coin, Dan Penney, Senior Creative Manager for The London Mint Office said: “It is very much its own coin; the position of Saint George and his horse to face left brings balance to the composition and the dragon climbing up the side adds interest and movement while making excellent use of the shape of the coin. Issued by the Government of Gibraltar, our 2017 sovereign is undoubtedly a new Pistrucci masterpiece”.

The coin, exclusive to The London Mint Office, is set to be unveiled at the World Money Fair in Berlin in February 2017. Coin enthusiasts will then have the opportunity to purchase one of the coveted first strikes.