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How many people in the world get to say they have struck a coin?! Well, I can proudly say I am one and even more astonishingly I am one of the lucky few to have struck a coin for our future King and Queen consort.

On the 29th of April 2021, the world celebrated the 10th wedding anniversary of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a decade of pure love, strength, and devotion. And what better way to remember that fairy-tale wedding than to immortalise the day in gold, with coins that can stand the test of time and be passed from generation to generation…sharing a true love story forever. 

As much as that beautiful wedding will stay in my memories (as with most of the nation) the 10th anniversary has now outshone that day for me, as it was this day I was able to strike a sovereign (one of the most famous coins in the world), a sovereign for our future King and Queen consort.

Walking into the mint and witnessing the labor of love that goes into striking a coin was mind blowing, each stage is meticulously planned, and each task completed with the utmost care and pride, from cutting the ‘dies’ by hand, polishing the blanks, to hand feeding a press to strike a proof quality coin (and all the other stages before, during and after).

Each coin is inspected to make sure it is struck to the highest quality before being encapsulated, ensuring the beautiful piece of numismatic art is safe and secure from tarnishing, allowing the coin and its history to be shared with generations to come.

Not many people get to witness history being made but the process of striking a coin allows everyone to witness and hold a moment in history.