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On the 12th of June 2021, the world celebrated Her Majesty’s official 95th birthday and to mark this momentous occasion The London Mint Office proudly struck a new collection, a collection that offers a beautifully reimagined series of portraits, inspired by the famous images that have adorned her coinage for generations.

With the sun shining several lucky individuals attended Tower Mint for an exciting struck-on-the-day event, where they witnessed the striking of these elegantly beautiful coins.

One of the lucky few who attended the special event was Lowri one of our specialists who has worked for The London Mint Office since 2015. 

Lowri: One of my most memorable moments while working for The London Mint Office was Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, where we all watched Trooping the Colour and celebrated her birthday along with the rest of the nation. We issued my favourite coin for her birthday that featured a new effigy created by the one and only Raphael Maklouf. I was therefore very excited to be chosen to attend this prestigious event five years on for her 95th  birthday this year. Witnessing the coins being struck for the very first time and the preparation that goes into creating these amazing new issues was brilliant and the day got even better when I was given the opportunity to strike my very own coin! I was of course nervous but it was an experience that would stay with me forever and one I happily share with my customers, after all – how many people get to say they struck a coin for the Queens birthday?!