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See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.

23rd of May marks lucky penny day, but do you know why people think pennies are lucky? Well one theory is that ancient civilizations believed metals such as copper were gifts from the gods that would protect them from evil.

Here are a few superstitions you may not know about pennies:

  • If you find a penny, it means that there is more money coming your way.
  • To secure good luck, you should carry a penny that was minted the year you were born.
  • Having a jar filled with pennies in your kitchen is good luck.
  • If you toss a penny overboard while you are traveling at sea, it will bring you a safe trip. 
  • Throwing a penny into a wishing well will grant your wish.
  • If you place a penny in your shoe, it will bring good fortune.
  • Coins with holes in them are considered especially lucky.