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On June 6th 2024, we had the incredible honour of touring our D-Day coins across the beaches of Normandy, which staged one of the most carefully planned out and pivotal days of the Second World War, and where so many brave men and women gave their lives fighting for their country.

Commemorating the invasion of Pegasus Bridge on June 6th 1944, this extraordinary set includes two gold coins depicting a British soldier in the forefront of the design, with Pegasus Bridge in the background and other soldiers holding the bridge. One coin has been issued by Monnaie de Paris, the French state Mint, and the other issued by British territory Gibraltar, beautifully symbolizing the Allied forces.

Deputy Sales Director Rodolphe Krempp of Monnaie de Paris with The London Mint Office Managing Director Christopher Wood at Batterie de Merville, which was neutralized by the 9th British Parachute Battalion.

Certificates of Authenticity for this set were signed in Normandy by Monnaie de Paris President and CEO Marc Schwartz and The London Mint Office Managing Director Christopher Wood.

Monnaie de Paris CEO Marc Schwartz and Head of Design Joaquin Jimenez presenting coins to French President Macron.

Remembrance ceremonies were held on the beaches of Normandy to commemorate this pivotal day in history and to remember those who sadly never returned home.

The coins toured the five landing areas, starting at Gold Beach where troops of the British 50th Infantry landed on June 6th 1944.