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Introduction If you are thinking of taking up coin collecting as a hobby, or if you already have a few coins and would like to start building a serious collection of your own, we hope these pages will provide advice and inspiration.

Every coin has a functional value, yet it is also a statement. As well as being the product of the culture and tradition of a particular country, a coin also says much about the country itself, its perception of itself and its place in the world. American coins, for example, traditionally have a marked sense of theatre and drama that dates back...

The Hobby of Coin Collecting Coin collecting is an interesting hobby. Most collectors start as children, some are handed over their collections by their parents or grand-parents and discover the joy of collecting at an early age, some come to collecting later in life, triggered by an interesting coin issued for an event or by an interesting coin...

Collecting Coins
However and whatever you choose to start collecting, there are certain do’s and don'ts that are worth following in order to avoid disappointment and unnecessary expense.

coin collecting
Gold - the most desired precious metal For collectors and investors alike, gold remains reliable and dependable - a thing of permanence in an ever-changing world. Demand for gold has soared during the first years of the 21st century as a very sound asset in uncertain times. The London Mint Office offers a wide range of gold coins to its...